Cosmo workman jacket

Custom made jacket for all people.


“Defined by culture, tradition and ancient techniques”

An ever evolving One of Kind purpose-driven collection bridging worlds by connecting indigenous communities and collectors through our tailor made experience.

Choose your One of a Kind plant dyed and hand loomed ikat textile from our latest selection along with your style Blazer via our What’s App concierge service here:


*Please note these are rare collectible pieces so we only make up to 10 bespoke pieces a month, each design is delivered with a personalised storybook on Sumbanese culture and your story to ensure authenticity. Each part of the process supports local as well as indigenous communities in Indonesia, providing them with work and raw materials to continue and preserve this ancient sacred tradition.

£ 950.00 GBP

Symbolisms & the process

Kawuru Rusa Ikat
The symbol of majesty and wisdom.

The deer pattern on this indigo plant dyed ikat celebrates the animals wisdom which is said that it is only for the leader of the community. He pays attention to the lives of the community.  Deer are wise in overcoming problems facing society.

“'Ikat tenun' textiles play a significant role in Indonesian culture and traditions. They are more than just fabrics but are symbolic representations of the islands rich history, beliefs, and values."

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