Dewi Earrings

Dewi meaning goddess in Balinese.
The Dewi versatile earring set is a Limited edition masterpiece hand made by two Balinese masters.
Hand carved tagua nut (known as vegetable ivory) set in your choice of gold plated silver or solid gold with a detachable pendulum showcasing  800 tiny hand soldered ancient Estruscan 3000 year old granulation technique. Remove the pendulum and attach it to the tulang naga hand made chain for divine versatility.
Comfortable and lightweight to wear with endless options for all occasions.
*We believe in conscious consumerism therefore we work on a made to order basis, please allow around 2-3 weeks.

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£ 750.00 GBP

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Master & The Process

A versatile jewel for life.

The Dewi reversible earrings are a pair of Limited Edition masterpieces hand made by Pak A’ank.

Pak A’ank fell in love with jewellery making at the young age of 7. Originally from Java. His ambidextrous gold-smithing skills go beyond any talent we have come across working with both hands to create stunning pieces of jewellery that mimic ancient museum standard heirlooms.

His passion and attention to detail makes him one of our finest Masters in Bali.

Capturing the essence of Bali. These versatile jewels for life are Inspired by flowers used for daily offerings which are carved in holy temples and fused with indigenous talismanic shapes.

One set that can be used as 2 pairs of earrings, a necklace and a wrap gold traditional Javanese chain bracelet.  

Showcasing over 800 small hand soldered ancient Etruscan 3000 year old granulation technique and hand carved fossil with hollow silver, rhodium and gold plated detachable pendulums.

Living heirlooms that support local communities, preserve traditional cultures and celebrate craftsmanship with profound symbolism.

"Every piece we make has a meaning, linking cultures and real human stories which becomes a study of creativity, craft and history."

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