Bespoke Jewellery

A Jewel Is For Life

"It is an object that becomes part of you, your style, your story, your memory that can be passed down generations. We pride ourselves in creating one of a kind pieces with meaning."

Investing in bespoke is investing in a better tomorrow. Our bespoke pieces are true reflections of you and your story, a powerful talisman to be passed down through generations. You are invited in every step of the way as we develop your unique piece of wearable art where cultures are linked, personal stories merge and hundreds of hours of experimentations are done by the hands of master goldsmiths.

Trust Our Process

Working on the ground in Indonesia and Mexico we have discovered a few rare remaining Master goldsmiths of ancient jewellery techniques such as filigree, granulation, repousse (Tatah technique) and stone carving, some dating back more than 3000 years. Part of our mission is to help preserve these precious cultures through design intervention. By creating quality, less pieces end up in landfills and sustainably sourced materials mean less waste so we can ensure 100% transparency in our supply chain.

Your Bespoke Experience

Are you looking to create a One of a Kind custom made jewel for you, a loved one or a friend?

Our master goldsmiths have over 30 yrs experience in hand made ancient jewellery techniques.

Here we explain the bespoke journey so you can get inspired.

Every successful and meaningful bespoke story begins with a personal  consultation. In order to get the very most from your custom made piece contact us here to book your consultation.
To start off the process we will send you a short questionnaire to get to know you better and ask you to share any ideas you may have. If don’t have any idea of what you would like, don’t worry, we will be sure inspire you.

Once we receive your answers we will arrange an online consultation where we dive into the vision boarding of your jewels and start the sketching process. We will draw up three concepts in collaboration with our Balinese artists before we choose the right Master to start the sampling process.

Our bespoke experience transports you to another world and deep into yours. In order to get the very most from your bespoke jewellery consultation, we recommend making a few preparations.

1. Fill in our questionnaire to give you a little more info on what you are looking for, whether you have an old heirloom or sentimental piece from the past or an idea from a poem or symbol you love, share it with us to unfold all possibilities.

In the past,  clients like to prepare for their appointment by taking their partners or friends to try on some precious jewels and get a feeling of what they like and the shape that suits them best. If you’re designing this piece as a surprise for a lucky loved one then this is a clever way of sussing out what is their  lifetime dream jewel, too. Get in touch for some more pointers.

2. Establish you budget,  how much is a feasible sum for you to spend on this investment piece? Keep this figure in mind and don’t worry about anything else. We’re experienced and we’re equipped to tailor designs and materials to your needs. No matter what, the jewel you walk away with will be beautiful, personalised authentic and truly one of a kind.

3. Do you have a date in mind for your bespoke piece?  Depending of the complexity of the design we ask for a minimum of 3-6 months.

Chances are, you’ve found your way to Rebecca Manners because you’re passionate about sustainability and artisanal ancient techniques. All of our pieces are created mindfully with nature at the forefront. Working with recycled precious metals and responsibly sourced certified gems.

4. Enjoy the process and travel with us virtually. For most of our bespoke clients, their experience with us is their first foray into South East Asia and the world of bespoke jewellery. We don’t expect you to arrive understanding the process, that’s our job and we love to showcase every part of this journey. We ensure to communicate each step with you through our personal concierge service.

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