Celebrating, Empowering and Reimagining traditional crafts through artisan and client collaborations.

"Through great craftsmanship comes great beauty."

We bring you One Of A Kind curated artisanal luxury home collectibles. Sourced from the ground, re-imaged and designed from over 150 artisan communities with authentic profound indigenous storytelling. To learn morecontact us here.
We offer our private label design service working with our vast network of artisan communities and ethical factories across the globe from concept to finished product in natural and sustainable materials. Our mission is to bring traditions and skills of the past into the future with a design studio that aims to educate, empower and innovate to deliver artisanal luxury.
We work with clients and brands who share the same values and, like us, believe that purpose comes first. A product should be defined by the integrity, quality and ethical standards of the development process—What we call The Art of Slow.
Each piece is made by hand, from Murano glass, basket weaving, hand-loomed ikat  textiles to rattan, wood or fossil furniture, the different techniques build on a millennia-long heritage of traditional skills from Indonesia, Mexico and Italy, each with their own intricate details and forms unique to the specific regions redesigned to create contemporary silhouettes.
We support, co-create and share our knowledge throughout the entire process to ensure full transparency and contribute images and storytelling related to each project.
We work with home interior brands, interior design firms, designers, artists, architects, galleries and private clients globally.
Each project we take on is unique and delivered based on our clients requirements. Don't hesitate to get in touch for more info below.
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