What we do

R collective is a global artisanal design studio dedicated to meaningful connections that last beyond any object. Our mission is to innovate and save craft from extinction, celebrate indigenous wisdom, empower communities and create a sustainable future through co-creation and collaboration.

Taking craft to the future 

We work with masters of craft globally making sure every community receives fair wages so they can sustain their practices.

We give editorial life to this unique culture in collaboration with our global community of creatives and we work to reinstate a fresh sense of excitement in the handmade through innovative learning programs for the new generation.

Collaborations That Matter

We work with like-minded brands, private clients and initiatives around the world who share our passion for beauty, creative rethinking and contemporary design that support the art of craft.

Design Intervention

We develop creative strategies to keep ancient skills and techniques alive by applying an innovative and modern mindset throughout the entire design process. 


We source locally whenever possible and only use certified responsibly sourced gems, up-cycled gold and repurpose where we can.

Unique handmade objects, both antique and new, are sourced from across South East Asia representing the diverse cultures of the different regions.

We curate a selection of the artisans’ own creations with 10 per cent of all sales going straight back to local village communities through a trusted foundation.

About Bex

Rebecca Manners, known as Bex, is an artisanal designer based between Bali and Europe. Her namesake design studio is built on the philosophy that bespoke jewellery and objects are deeply connecting to the human experience and have the power to enrich people’s lives, creator as well as collector. Having developed her own ‘Art of Slow’ approach through her work with artisans around the world, Bex currently works in close collaboration with Indonesian and Burmese masters of craft to create contemporary silhouettes while preserving traditional techniques.

Each piece is the labour of a meticulous design process, from the first sketch to passing through the hands of master artisans. Using solely ethical materials, sustainability is at the core of the studios’ ethos; up-cycled gold and certified responsibly sourced gems are used as part of Bex's mission to create an eco-system of environmentally friendly and ethical practices.

Moving beyond the notion of seasons and trends, instead, connectivity, humanity, transparency and spirituality are at the fore encapsulating the timelessness of each piece, made to be kept and cherished for a lifetime.

Born and raised in Menorca, Bex spent a decade working as a creative director and stylist in New York before launching her renowned jewellery brand Bex Rox London, globally known for bold statement pieces and a vibrant playful universe inspired by the natural world.


Conscious eco packaging

All of our packaging is hand made by Balinese women supporting local communities. Using a hand drawn print then screen printed on organic cotton with silk and smoked woven seagrass.  All of our wrapping paper is hand made from mulberry trees to support ancient techniques.

 Recycled/ Up-cycled

All of our jewellery is hand made with recycled precious metals melted down from local pawn shops. We up-cycle stones, bone and use excavated not mined minerals for our jewellery. This process minimises the flow of waste into landfills.

 Made to order/ Bespoke / Custom-made

We believe in conscious consumerism therefore we work on a made to order basis.  This process minimiSes the flow of waste into landfills.


Hand made by Black/Indigenous People of Colour.

Womens empowerment

We work to empower women’s weaving communities with our textiles and baskets. Ensuring fair wages whilst working from home in their own time.


Hand dade by artisans using age-old techniques that are rooted in regionally specific traditions / Created by hand, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan and supporting one-of-a-kind pieces in a world of homogenised mass production.


Made under fair wages and safe working conditions. This process provides equitable trade opportunities, skill training, and job development-promoting responsible production in an economy that values transparency.


Made with the intention of donating proceeds back to charitable organisations of your choice.


Grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified seeds (GMOs), All naturally dyed from plants.


We believe in reusing, recycling, up-cycling all of our materials into new products where possible, ensuring zero waste.


Our partners

Nest Artisan Guild

Turquoise Mountain Myanmar

Turquoise Mountain Afghanistan

The Elephant Family


Threads of Life

Our private label clients

Cabana Magazine

Sharland England Ltd.


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