Meet Farah

February 16, 2022

Rebecca met Farah 4 years ago upon arriving in Bali whilst looking for help to make some charity bracelets for project Zero.

Farah inspires with her natural entrepreneurial spirit. Originally from East Java, Farah came to Bali 21 years ago to apply her skills working with a silver company.

She soon decided to open her own shop and jewellery workshop hiring only the best Goldmisths for artisanal jewellery. She works on her own collections that feeds her soul whilst also working with private label brands.

Not only a jewellery artisanal expert; Farah cultivates, harvest and produces some of Bali’s best chocolate. Her and her ex husband studied and learned the complex art and alchemy of chocolate making, together they bought some land with existing cacao trees and developed a whole business out of it.

"The chilli peppermint with salt is my personal favourite ☺"

Farah is wearing Dewi Earrings.

What is your Art of Slow?
Gardening. My dream is to live up in the mountains near the volcanos where the soil is abundant and rich.  I love to spend my time looking after my orchids that produce my vanilla for my chocolate. They are like jewels, that need care and appreciation, it focuses my mind on their beauty and makes me forget my everyday stress.

What does jewellery mean to you?
I see jewellery as beauty in it’s complex simplicity. I love to see any stone mounted and come alive and become precious no matter its price, its appreciated and that is to see nature

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