Meet Feby

October 14, 2022

Meet Balinese entrepreneur, beauty inside and out, mother of 2, young athlete and surfer Feby Jabrik.  

Feby inspires with her balanced approach to life and business.  Feby runs what she calls “a few humble hospitality businesses” with her husband as well as her current focus running a plant based collective in Bali called Good Mantra
Feby and her husband inspire with their partnership holistic approach to business whilst raising their 2 children.

Feby is wearing The Regina Jacket, Roopa Ring and Maya Reversible Hoops

What is your art of slow?
Growing a family and business at the same time, sometimes I find that can be very challenging, therefore I’m always trying to make space whenever I can, so I can just be. I pause frequently amidst errands and remember to just be present and take a moment to be grateful for where I am. My daily morning 20 minute practice is sacred to me as it creates mental space for me for my busy days. Whenever I can traveling is my food to my soul, spending a few nights in remote and heartful places in Indonesia where you can truly connect with the soul of this country.

What does jewellery mean to you? 
Jewellery is something really personal for me, it stays with you. It's symbolic. It expresses feelings. I very rarely take off my jewellery so it must be comfortable. It mostly has personal meanings, either it's a heritage piece that has passed on, or simply just a gift from my special person.

How would you describe your style and the clothes that you choose? 
Very casual, I love wearing light materials and organic materials.
Mostly monochrome or earthy naturally dyed tones. I love colours on special occasions.

As an entrepreneur what are your three words of advice? 
with Perseverance and Dedication, sail with integrity and loyalty. Always remember to connect with the self throughout the journey to create balance.
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