Meet Jaclyn

February 16, 2022

Jaclyn is the Creative director of one of the first completely plant dyed luxury clothing brands AWAVEAWAKE having launched in 2012.

Just like her designs, Jaclyn is sensual, ethereal and authentic. Her silks take form in bias cut swirling timeless silhouettes of everyday elegance in a revolving array of earth sourced colours from Bali.

Jaclyn inspires with her conscious mindset and mission to connect with the earth through ritual, healing the self and the planet on reciprocity with one another whilst using natural colour psychology all emanating through her and her vision.

Jaclyn wears our Limited Edition repousse silver cuff,
The Totandung bucket bag and Jawan hoops.

What is your Art of slow?
My art of slow is doing everything with a bit more ease and grace. Living in Bali these past two years has gently brought me into the fold of living even slower than I have before. Everything is tropical paced here but even more uniquely, there is ceremony and ritual woven into the fabric of the land and it’s inhabitants. This way of life empowers my personal practice and everyday rituals and allows me to sink deeper into more connection in my personal creative and work flows.

What does Jewellery mean to you?
Jewellery historically has always had a lot of significance and symbology. I have almost always chosen my accessories not only because of the way they look but also because of a feeling or resonance. A particular piece might express something I want to communicate but also depending on the day, provide me with a bit of extra strength or maybe it has protective functions, or symbolises something meaningful for me. I don’t have a lot of sentimental pieces but more so ones that tap into certain qualities I might want to manifest. Just as with my clothing, the materials, shapes and motifs of your talismans are never not intentional.

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