Meet Karine

April 19, 2022

Karine inspires with her brilliance, her profound knowledge of vintage jewels, her discerning taste, her grace and her adventurous spirit.

Karine worked at LVMH and Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris with a stint in Jaipur to discover Mughal Heritage. Karine Zacharias has become a jewellery scout.

Sourcing hidden treasures from private collectors all around the globe, French-born, London-based.  Karine is a gemologist (GIA) and puts her energies into her talent for tracking down miniature works of art to serve her fellow jewellery aficionados.

She is a dear friend of Rebecca's and a mentor.

How do you embody The Art of Slow?
I live in Venice since a few months and I have discovered the daily Art of Slow here, especially during the lockdown. The city was empty, quiet and overwhelmingly beautiful. While staying at home, I can spend hours observing precious stones with my 10X loop ..which is a powerful kind of meditation!

What does jewellery meanto you?
Jewellery pieces are both work of arts and objects of desire. They transform women, they enhance their beauty and their style. Also, my type of jewellery tells a story about a specific period of Art and Design history.The pieces I choose belong to a world where superb hand work and craftmanship still thrived, a world that promotes preservation, re-use and thus sustainability today.

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