Meet Sarah

January 24, 2022

Introducing our She Inspires Talisman  snapshot interviews with women that inspire us.

Meet Sarah wearing our Dharma carved cuff.
She is a retired fashion model, having worked 25 years in the industry she moved to Bali and is a mother of 3 beautiful children and is building a future as a property investor.

How do you embody the Art of slow in your life?
Spending time with my children makes me realise that if I am present with my children it brings us together and the bond grows deeper.
I also love you surf, it makes time stand still and it’s just so beautiful to be at one with nature and helps me to empty my mind, I’m totally in the moment.
What does jewellery mean to you?
Jewellery is not an accessory for me, each piece I wear has a meaning. I don’t wear as a fashion statement it’s a piece of me.
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