Our Bespoke Experience

March 1, 2021

Investing in bespoke is investing in a better tomorrow. We pride ourselves in giving you a truly bespoke experience through personal collaboration to create your own powerful talisman to be passed down through generations.

The ancient arts uncover facets of history untold and it is part of our mission to preserve these jewellery techniques and celebrate the hands that make them. Creating ethical hand crafted jewels for life is at the centre of our mission and we work under the philosophy of the Art of Slow our definition of sustainable luxury. It is about respect, integrity and full transparency, showing the dignity of human labour. 

From conceptualisation to visualisation to the development and delivery, the journey of your one of a kind piece is personalised to you with soul and historical value. Envisage a heritage jewel that is a reflection of you and your story hand made using ancient techniques and helping to save this art form from extinction supporting artists and providing jobs through the whole seamless process.

Our bespoke experience starts with a consultation with Rebecca personally or a member of our team. We ensure to communicate each step to you individually from our artisans workshop, so you can travel with us on an artisanal journey of creation and tradition. We virtually introduce you to our Master goldsmiths and show you how they unfold your story in a One of A kind heirloom for you direct from Bali. 

Each One Of A Kind piece we create for you is hand drawn in collaboration with local Balinese and Burmese artists and delivered to you with a signed illustration. 


The Talisman

What is a talisman? 

"A talisman is an object that through personal belief is ascribed with magic powers intended to protect, heal and bring good luck."

"Our experience is a perfect purpose driven lifetime gift for you or a loved one."

To find out more book your consultation here.

With Love, Rebecca

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