Rebecca Manners Collective x Threads of Life collaboration

May 30, 2021

Rebecca Manners Collective x Threads of Life Collaboration.

Rebecca was introduced to Jean Howe and William Ingram from Threads of Life and immediately they understood that they share the same vision, to bridge the gap between the East and the West and do what they can to help far flung communities with sustainable livelihoods and preserve indigenous wisdom and tradition.

It is an honour to have partnered up with Threads of Life whom are a social enterprise working with over 1000 women from Eastern Indonesian islands.Threads of Life's profound knowledge from farm to cloth through every intricate, laborious and deeply meaningful process is jaw dropping, sensory and authentic.

Like jewellery, each piece is One of a Kind and for life, deeply interconnected with nature and full of traditional wisdom that we can learn from and be reminded of from our homes.   Traditionally used as ceremonial pieces for rites of passage throughout the communities life, they are living gems and heirlooms.

Despite the constant limitations with the pandemic, earthquakes, cyclones and intensified weather due to climate change,  myself and our incredible team of masters have been determined to continue our mission to save craft from extinction.  To celebrate and learn from masters of craft on the Art of Slow, and how through craftsmanship we can be more connected to nature, live a more harmonious life through their creative sustainable process and the message behind each piece; whilst being able to support livelihoods and preserve ancient traditions.

"We are about connecting people, bringing weavers together so they can help each other with their culture and identity., work out how to make a living in a rapidly changing world that is hostile to their beliefs and practices, and to connect indigenous people to the world so their voices are heard and their values appreciated, so you can support their stewardship of our shared heritage."

Watch this space as we unravel our journey each month curating a selection of textiles and jewellery from one of the eastern islands in the Indonesian archipelago with profound storytelling. If you would like to be added tour preview list before we launch online whats app our concierge service here:

With love,

Rebecca and our constellations of masters.

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