Style with a conscious

November 21, 2021

Style with a conscious

We have repurposed “Selendang” shoulder cloths in collaboration with Threads of Life (a social enterprise working with over 150 communities in the eastern islands of Indonesia), to create Limited Edition symbolic bags with natural dyed leather, finished in Bali supporting local craftsmen and women’s weaving communities. Each Selendang shoulder cloth takes up to 2 months to make through its complex and laborious process.

The black and white textiles used in our bespoke and limited edition designs symbolise “success and generosity” according to the To Mangki Karataun ethnic group of central Sulawesi. It is said that it also enables the weaver to speak truthfully by helping them to create more harmony. The motif is taken from (Acorus calamus) which is an important plant medicine used by the community.

The symbolic visual language of the To Mangki Karataun indigenous community is present in every type of craft, whether etched into the wood of traditional houses or woven into their spectacular textile art. Each motif is defined by along tradition, and each element in the design carries a culturally symbolic meaning. These patterns comprise a sophisticated variety of geometric, curvilinear and pictorial forms that express the important relationships to the ancestors, society and the earth.

The process which is true to our values is 100% naturally dyed, sustainable and ethically made. The cotton is soaked in a tannin from a Homolanthus sp tree, dyed in iron rich mud then washed repeatedly in the river to achieve the distinct clear white. A work of art made by women to support tradition and livelihoods.

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