The Art of Slow

January 22, 2021

As we collectively move through these times of transformation, many of us are reflecting on how we can enter this new era with a sense of purpose. How do we create a meaningful way of life that breaks free from old systems and go beyond the individual to instead connect us to each other and our natural surroundings? 

With Rebecca Manners, we are not creating a new brand, we are developing a new language based on co-creation and intention. In our work, The Art of Slow is our bespoke service that involves looking for Masters of craft both in Indonesia and Myanmar for our private label clients as well as our jewellery collectors. From personal consultations to discovering the masters of ancient arts to conceptualisation and development, everything is a human collaboration with all the stories and emotions attached to it.

"Everything is a human collaboration with all the stories and emotions attached to it."

For Rebecca herself, letting go of her successful brand and brainchild Bex Rox along with a hectic fast-paced life in London became the first step of a catharsis, that would lead her on a whole new path. A long journey of discovery and transformation evolved into “The Art of Slow”, a personal philosophy that embodies a shift of perspective on all aspects of life. 

Arriving in Asia in 2018 to partner with artisan NGO Turquoise Mountain in Myanmar became a watershed moment as the meticulous process and centuries-old techniques of the handmade unravelled an ocean of stories about true artistry and culture that requires appreciation and respect for the whole process including the materials and natural elements from which they originated.

It was a moment of realising that their authentic, transparent and explicit approach was not just how she felt compelled to start working, but also live.

"The true meaning of sustainable luxury unveils itself when allowing ourselves to slow down, feel, listen and letting the process unravel naturally."

Landing in Bali and living the Balinese way of life taught Rebecca to be in harmony with herself by respecting the spirit of life, the people around her and Mother Nature. An Anais Niin quote kept lingering in the back of her mind drawing her closer and closer to its sentiment: 

“Life, religion and art all converge in Bali. They have no word in their language for ‘artist’ or ‘art’. Everyone is an artist”.

A deep-dive into the local communities in Bali, from rural workshops to being lost in translation, Rebecca forged deep bonds of trust and appreciation with the Master artisans. 

Working with masters of craft all over Indonesia and Myanmar is really a human exchange from the ground and about understanding and celebrating the artisan who is making your piece. Here, the distinctions of designer, maker and the consumer simply do not exist, it is a journey of co-creation, back in history and into the future.

Everything we do is purpose-driven valuing personal relations higher than whim purchases and our Bespoke service and Limited Editions are made to order and to last a lifetime. We are also reviving iconic Bex Rox pieces with a new consciousness to support the local communities


We invite you to come and experience the process with us and be a central part of the storytelling unravelling while keeping astounding cultures alive and thriving and creating innovative modern heirlooms.


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