The Dharma Collection

September 10, 2021

The Dharma wearable art series

The Dharma collection is a limited edition series of intricately hand carved jewellery set in reclaimed precious metals by our Masters in Bali. Capturing the spirit of traditional Balinese carvings and flowers found on local holy temples and daily offerings; infused with a tribal essence that showcases Indonesia’s unified diversity from across the 17,000 island archipelago.

“A jewel is for life. It is an object that becomes part of you,Your style, your story, your memory that can be passed down for generations.We pride ourselves in creating limited edition designs with meaning."

The beauty of each piece is captured in the journey of its laborious intricately carved process, made out of tagua nut, horn and 80 million year old fossilised stone set in reclaimed gold plated silver or 18k reclaimed gold.

“Where nature, traditional culture and architecture come together in the form of wearable art.”

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