Chinthe cuff

Chinthe cuff

This masterpiece is hand sculpted in 18K fair trade gold with peridot locally sourced peridot gemstones.  
This is a One of a Kind piece but available to customise as a bespoke design. Create your unique talisman by contacting us below.

£ 20,000.00 GBP

We believe in conscious consumerism therefore we work on a made to order only basis ensuring each piece hand crafted is a jewel for life.  
Made as a one-of-a-kind bespoke piece.
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Complimentary engraving and worldwide express shipping

The Master and the process

Created by our incredibly skilful master goldsmith Win Tin Aung preserving the art of craft and culture in Myanmar in partnership with Turquoise Mountain.

The Chinthe cuff fuses eastern mythology and western astrology as a One-Of-A-Kind piece. Inspired by Burmese river lions, known as Chinthe. They act symbolically as guardians to the thrones of Myanmar.

"When a collector puts on her piece for the very first time, she sees the manifestation of creative ideas realised in gold and gems. This is the end result of the collaboration shared between the artisan, designer and collector. They know that this piece is unique, symbolic, authentic and truly One-Of-A-Kind."
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