Cinta mini bucket bag

The Symbol of Love and Balance

A mini bucket bag for everyday conscious style. Available now.

Hand loomed and plant dyed pahikung textiles from East Sumba. each textile takes up to 6 months to make finished with up-cycled leather. In collaboration with indigenous women weavers and master leather makers.

This is textile is originally a womens skirt sarong with traditional motifs of the rhombus (buffalo eyes) and triangles (horse tail). The local Sumbanese live in harmony with horses and buffalos and are part of their everyday lives. The motif symbolises an exchange of love between the man and the women, a man gifts buffalos and horses to their loved one to show their devotion.

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Master & The Process

The Pahikung Collection

Introducing the Pahikung Collection from the forgotten island of Sumba, Indonesia designed by Bex Manners for R collective.

Pakihung also known as Songket are ancestral indigenous textiles of the nobility of the island.

At R collective we have been working intricately with the local communities bringing back traditional weaving techniques hand loomed over the course of 6 months using plant dyes then up-cycled with leather as reimagined One Of A Kind collectible bags.

Pahikung textiles are sophisticated and much more technically demanding to weave than most Ikat textiles.
It is a weaving technique used on horizontal back tension looms that employs supplementary warps to embellish textiles with an infinite range of geometric and zoomorphic designs, incorporating the rich iconography of the island.

Sumba is the only region in the entire Malay Archipelago where supplementary warp decoration has reached such a high degree of refinement.

We are proud to bring you this collection of intricate designs supporting local communities whilst preserving ancient craft and sharing indigenous wisdom as the Art of Slow, artisanal luxury.

“Pahikung textiles play a significant role in Sumbanese culture and traditions. They are more than just fabrics but are symbolic representations of the island’s rich history, beliefs, and values.” Bex Manners

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