Dharma stacking bracelet

Dharma stacking bracelet

Hand carved on gold plated 18k reclaimed gold.
Inspired by flowers used for daily offerings which mimic local architecture infused with Indonesian tribal inspiration.
Each piece is engraved with a hand written quote of your choice and stamped in editions and delivery with a certificate of authenticity.

One available

  • 8.5
£ 450.00 GBP

We believe in conscious consumerism therefore we work on a made to order only basis ensuring each piece hand crafted is a jewel for life.  
Made to order as a Limited Edition collectors jewel.
This collection of collectable wearable art editions start at £450- £2,700.
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Complimentary engraving and worldwide express shipping

The Master and the process


The flower bracelet is part of Dharma, our wearable art collection.

The limited-edition collection is a totem of righteousness, goodness, integrity, decency, virtue and a tribute to tribal life and Indonesian artistry. Here, ancient craft and old legends meet innovation in the shape of modern heirlooms. 

The collection symbolises polarity, life and death, the sacred and the secret known as “Sekala and Niskala” throughout Balinese culture. In the Hindu faith, one must take the bad with the good, and while the Gods must be worshipped, the demons, in respect for their great power, must be placated.

From the bones of sacred cows that have passed from natural causes used by Indonesian tribes to the reclaimed gold from pawns shops from across the archipelago translated into wearable art with fine intricate holy traditional carvings by the finest Master carver on the island of the Gods. 

Each talisman has been carefully handcrafted over the course of a whole month, which bears witness to the depth of soul and work that has gone into bringing you Dharma. The entire collection has been made from repurposed sustainable materials in a celebration of reverence and remembrance of the spirits that created them.


"If we are to preserve culture, we must continue to create it."

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