Gajah tagua nut spinning pendant

Gajah tagua nut spinning pendant

The Gajah tagua nut spinning elephant pendant is set in silver then rhodium and gold plated on a 45 cm gold plated chain.
This timeless exquisite pendant is hand carved and hand made by our Balinese Masters supporting the traditional art of carving and silversmithing that is in danger of disappearing. Available in solid gold.

  • 45
£ 290.00 GBP

Complimentary engraving and worldwide express shipping

The Master and the process

spinning pendant

After 6 months of research and persistence we came to find Master carver Darma and his incredible skilful team of wearable art sculptors. It's a 3 hr drive into North East Bali driving through rural villages and jungle dirt roads to Darma's temple workshop in the middle of the dense abundant jungle. Darma and his team of apprentices work with their hands and simple tools, carving and sculpting the most intricate of designs with tagua nut, wood, wax and fossil stones.

Darma learned the art of carving from his great grandfather, watching him create his memory banked skill day in and day out until at the age of 9 when he picked up a tool and started the process himself. 40 years later he is now the master of his community and one of the very best in Bali who has taken on artisans from the deceased renowned jeweller Jean Francois Fichot's.

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