Macan Candle 200 grams

Welcome to our eco-friendly artisanal luxury candle Macan series where every part of the process has been consciously designed to be reused with traditional techniques and beliefs.

'Macan" meaning tiger has been hand blown from recycled glass creating an elegant pattern and colour for your home.

Our gift boxes are hand woven using Endek textiles, the motif means unity and togetherness within a community or family. It symbolises the interconnectedness of individuals and the importance of cooperation and support.

Available in 4 sizes and in 2 scents, Blessings and Rice fields. LTD EDN of 50


A Floral, Peaceful Blend

Ylang-ylang / Orange Peel/ Patchouli / Cempaka / Vetiver /Jasmine

Rice Fields

A Woody, Grounding Blend.

Patchouli / Cajeput / Vetiver /Orange Peel / Lemongrass / Cendana

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The Art of Wax Alchemy

The Return to Responsible Luxury

Introducing a limited edition gift box series of plant based artisanal and eco-friendly luxury candles; where every detail has passed through the hands of skilled masters to revere the art of craft and support rural village economies.

The series is uniquely focused on all-natural locally sourced ingredients. Offering you two harmonious and grounding scents, Blessings and Rice fields available in 4 sizes.

“Tri Hita Karana is a traditional philosophy for life on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The literal translation is the “three causes of well-being”. Harmony with nature, harmony amongst people, harmony with spirit.”
Preserving tradition and elevating techniques.

In collaboration with Bali Sama Sama a small workshop creating innovative glassware and wax alchemy ensuring the process and ingredients are all chemical-free, western quality and hand made in co-creation with local artisans.

“Our mission is to support businesses in Bali and bring a little of the island’s natural essence to your home.”
100% all natural ingredients:

Each candle contains super clean plant-based wax scented with 100% pure essential oils, healthy for you to breath in protecting our precious environment.

Hand-poured into exquisitely reusable recycled glass blown vessels . From the wax to the hand woven traditional Endek packaging every part of the process focuses on Balinese ancestral techniques celebrating The Art of Slow, artisanal luxury.



A Floral, Harmonious Blend

We’ve harvested local Bali flowers into essential oils to create
a signature scent presented in hand-blown recycled glass tinted with the colours of the island. Our Bali Blessings candle is infused with ylang-ylang grass notes spiced with Orange, Patchouli, Jasmine and Cempaka to create a real sense of life on the Island Of The Gods.

Ylang-ylang / Orange Peel/ Patchouli / Cempaka / Vetiver / Jasmine

Rice Fields

A Woody, Grounding Blend

Welcome to morning in Bali with the sun prismed into rainbow droplets on fields of rice. You’re grounded, and glad to be alive.
You step lightly between the sawa, where birds sing to mark
the beginning of a new day. We mixed this for you. Our farmers harvested Patchouli with Lemongrass, Cendana and Vetiver to
bring you the essence of a new Bali day.

Patchouli / Cajeput / Vetiver / Orange Peel / Lemongrass / Cendana

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