Saras Earrings

Our Saras statement earrings short for " Saraswati" the goddess of knowledge and arts are hand carved capturing the essence of Bali. Inspired by flowers used for daily offerings which mimic local architecture infused with Indonesian tribal inspiration.

Tagua nut known as "vegetable ivory" set in silver, rhodium and gold plated. In stock for immediate delivery.

Also available in 18k solid reclaimed gold for £1800
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£ 490.00 GBP

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The Master and the process

New pieces of wearable art have been added to our Dharma collection. A series of intricately hand carved earrings capturing the spirit of traditional Balinese carvings and flowers found on holy temples and daily offerings, infused with a tribal essence that showcases Indonesia’s unified diversity.

Every part of our process is one of collaboration. We work with local Balinese artists that sketch our visions intertwined as part of our co-creation stage. We then find the best masters for our development. Our Saras earrings are hand crafted over 2 weeks by our master carver Pak Darma and goldsmith Pak A'ank. The sacred repurposed cow bone or vegan tagua nut is hand carved before passing them on to Pak A'ank to assemble with precision.

" Where nature, traditional culture and architecture come together in the form of wearable art."

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