Thorani gold ring

Thorani gold ring

The Thorani asymmetrical 18k fair trade gold ring, hand made in Myanmar.
A traditional Burmese design re-imaged as a contemporary design.

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£ 2,350.00 GBP

We believe in conscious consumerism therefore we work on a made to order only basis ensuring each piece hand crafted is a jewel for life.  
Made to order to size.
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Complimentary engraving and worldwide shipping

The Master and the process

Our artisans in Myanmar work with in collaboration with Turquoise Mountain which was established by HRH the Prince of Wales to revive historic areas and traditional crafts, to provide jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride.  They predominantly come from the Rakhine State. It has a plethora of challenges characterised by bitter inter-communal violence. deeply divided politics, the highest poverty levels in the country, a vulnerability due to natural disasters and a long history of marginalisation from the ethnic Bamar centre. Because of this livelihood opportunities are critically poor and many are forced to migrate within Myanmar or abroad.

Today, this ancient craft and its customs is what Rebecca is supporting through working closely with Turquoise Mountain. Both aspire to sustain and adapt in the fragile and evolving environment of Rakhine State and modern Myanmar. We are incredibly proud to be collaborating so closely with such skilled workers that apply their knowledge of goldsmithing with such grace and elegance. When a design is realised the artisans sit down with the design, meditate and profoundly analyse the sketch before starting their work with their bare hands.

“We want to continue with this tradition and this craft because it has been passed to us across generations. It’s special knowledge” Master Goldsmith Tin Win

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